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Why shorten links?

Mask affiliate links on your blog, website or social Network page like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or in the description of YouTube videos.

Send long links via WhatsApp, by email or share them on a social network of your choice.

Convert links to a QR code and send them as a picture.

Protect links with a password to protect your work, property, or file from strangers.

Set a custom alias to give visitors a clue of what your link is about even they visit it.

Set the user-defined amount for visits after which the link gets automatically deleted.

For example, if you give away some freebies - you can set a visitors limit of 100 so that only the first 100 visitors receive a free download. For all visitors who come after 100, the link will no longer work.

Set the custom expiration date - a date after which a link is automatically deleted. This is useful for time limited offers such as free downloads, coupons, giveaways.

Why use AnonLink?

Track your visitors, because we provide a free overview of the origin of your visitors as well as some basic information about the visitors such as country of origin, browser model, operating system and the website from which your visitors come.

We offer free protection against bots, spiders, scrapers, DDoS attacks, phishing scams, spam emails, ransomware and other types of online annoyances.

We provide you with a free user account that allows you to manage, collect, edit or delete your existing URLs.

We use the most up to date sources available on the internet to block links being created for sites which may contain viruses, spam or malware.